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Experimental literature becomes must-read literature in Journey to Virginland

In 2012, Armen Melikian rocked the international literary scene with Journey to Virginland, a virtuosic novel that establishes an invigorating new path in experimental literature. Melikian’s signature style is about relentlessly pushing the envelope without ever giving in to the temptation of shock value for its own sake.

In his review of Melikian’s work, Paul McCarthy, New York Times bestselling author and a professor of English at the University of Ulster, Ireland, says: “I am struck by the extraordinary writing, vision, and, perhaps rarest of all, originality, which abounds in every way, and at so many levels and depths of meaning, theme, narrative, etc., that I had to keep slowing my pace, until I could read and ‘inhale’ each word.”

A young scholar of the humanities as well as an astute, natural storyteller, Melikian weaves a deliciously disturbing and at turns gorgeous tapestry, presenting his world of ideas in a novel that confidently embraces the epistolary and the picaresque. Through the myriad tribulations and epiphanies of Dog, its protagonist, this novel takes experimental literature to an elegant concordance whereby classical scholarship fuels Melikian’s unfolding exposé, a ferociously candid critique of the 21st century’s increasingly Darwinistic sociopolitical and economic paradigms.

While experimental literature often crashes into the faddish, in Melikian’s capable hands this novel transcends pyrotechnics to offer a lucid novel of universal resonance. Thus, given its ambitious narrative scope and timeless themes, the book pulls the tricky feat of transforming experimental literature into must-read, even life-changing, literature.

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