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Philosophical fiction: The Explosive Debut of Armen Melikian

Philosophical fiction turns a new leaf with Journey to Virginland, the first novel of Armen Melikian, published in 2012.

A scholar of history, mythology, and philosophy, Melikian has spun a breathtakingly multidimensional novel of ideas, in which philosophical fiction resonates as much through the author’s powerful insights as his wondrous story of a modern quest for identity, and, ultimately, meaning.

In this novel– which is the first volume, or Epistle, of a trilogy – Melikian’s breathes new life into the world of ideas, with theses and constructs so vibrant, so immediate, that they become characters themselves, part and parcel of the author’s narrative canvas.

Paul McCarthy, New York Times bestselling author and a professor of English at the University of Ulster, Ireland, has written of Journey to Virginland: “I am struck by the extraordinary writing, vision, and, perhaps rarest of all, originality, which abounds in every way, and at so many levels and depths of meaning, theme, narrative, etc., that I had to keep slowing my pace, until I could read and ‘inhale’ each word.”

Featuring a panoply of philosophical schools and religions, and dotted with illuminating references to epic poetry and esoteric knowledge, Melikian’s philosophical fiction arrives at an impassioned state of awareness, proposing a riveting vision of inner transformation. As it does so, his philosophical fiction also registers as a diabolically humorous tale of love, sex, and political malfeasance, at once calibrated with a poignant, and unswerving, search for redemption.

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