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Religious fraud: Dog Son of Dog against the sacred cows. Fraud in the religious truth unmasked as Dog bites God

In Journey to Virginland, the explosive debut novel by Armen Melikian, religious fraud is exposed with the twin rigors of scholarly research and political criticism.
In revealing the intricacies and modi operandi of religious fraud, Melikian skillfully interweaves his commentary and historic fact with the riveting story of Dog, the novel’s protagonist, whose travails and experiential wisdom help us acquire a fresh understanding of one of the world’s most lethal power systems: organized religion.

Paul McCarthy, New York Times bestselling author and a professor of English at the University of Ulster, Ireland, has written of Journey to Virginland: “I am struck by the extraordinary writing, vision, and, perhaps rarest of all, originality, which abounds in every way, and at so many levels and depths of meaning, theme, narrative, etc., that I had to keep slowing my pace, until I could read and ‘inhale’ each word.”

Published in 2012, this novel is the first Epistle of a trilogy. To arrive at his exposé, Melikian mounts an eminently informed, kaleidoscopic investigation of the history of religion, taking as his starting point the Armenian church, the world’s oldest national Christian establishment. Often lacing his no-holds-barred critique with hilarious observations, the author challenges the core tenets of Judaism, Christianity, and other religions, bringing to light the breadth of the moral, political, and cultural ravages of religious fraud, viewed from the prisms of both dogma and institutional control.

In unmasking fraud, Melikian reserves his most damning arrows for the malfeasance of today’s religious leaders, who advance the exclusive agenda of supranational powers, thus dealing the double blow of practicing religious fraud to the detriment of their flocks and serving the decidedly soulless interests of global masters.

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