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Religious revolution as human evolution: Armen Melikian’s ecstatic vision for change through transformative religious revolution

In Journey to Virginland, Armen Melikian presents a jaw-dropping exposé of the Judeo-Christian legacy and other monotheistic systems, arguing brilliantly for religious revolution. Yet Melikian has neither pretensions of guruhood nor a prescription for a new religion per se. Rather, his call for revolution is a humanist’s entreaty for meaningful spiritual, philosophical, and emotional evolution, whereby the blinders are lifted to reveal our genuine potential for constructive transformation.

Published in 2012, this novel, the first installment of a trilogy, quickly established Melikian as a brilliant novelist and an extraordinary thinker. Seamlessly weaving the story of Dog, his outrageously omniscient antihero, with a world of ideas, Melikian engages in a barrage of commentary on history, mythology, religion, politics, philosophy, and the quagmire of the genders, advocating religious revolution in, first and foremost, the heart and mind of the individual.

The novel has earned praise from leading U.S. publishing-industry sources. "Dog vs. God. In an iconoclastic story, Dog demolishes the foundations of Western civilization," writes Publishers Weekly. ForeWord Reviews says: "An engrossing, brilliantly crafted read. Melikian's prodigious writing talent and ability to show the world's history in a different, sometimes humorous, sometimes tragic air, creates an entertaining ride into warring religions, warring cultures, warring sexes, and the histories and raison d'etre behind each." And Midwest Book Review writes: “With plenty to ponder and plenty to entertain, Journey to Virginland is a fun and enlightening read and is quite the recommendation.”

As arrived at through Melikian’s painstaking yet beautiful, richly imagined analyses, religious revolution is fundamentally a function of intellectual self-liberation. Take obdurate, blind faith out of the equation, and the rest will follow, the author intimates as he makes the case for a religious revolution that is all but synonymous with human evolution itself.

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