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Satire books and Mr. Dog Son of Dog: the diabolical satire of Journey to Virginland

Dating back to the Egypt of the 2nd millennium BCE, satire books (or parchments, as the case may be) have always played a powerful role as agents of societal change. With his novel Journey to Virginland, Armen Melikian joins the great luminaries of satire books as he mounts a systematic, fiercely witty critique of the state of the world, ensconcing his acerbic satire in a modern tale of discovery and release. 

To form an idea about the far-reaching impact of this genre, think of Horatian and Juvenalian satire, the medieval authors Al-Jahiz and Geoffrey Chaucer, early-modern wordsmiths such as François Rabelais and Jonathan Swift, and modern giants like Mark Twain, George Orwell, and Terry Pratchett.

Today, while the storied tradition of this genre enters the fecund territory of the Internet, with sites such as The Giant Napkin and The Onion, Melikian’s outrageously inventive Journey to Virginland establishes a fresh benchmark for the genre.

The novel has earned praise from leading U.S. publishing-industry sources. "Dog vs. God. In an iconoclastic story, Dog demolishes the foundations of Western civilization," writes Publishers Weekly. ForeWord Reviews says: "An engrossing, brilliantly crafted read. Melikian's prodigious writing talent and ability to show the world's history in a different, sometimes humorous, sometimes tragic air, creates an entertaining ride into warring religions, warring cultures, warring sexes, and the histories and raison d'etre behind each. Melikian is an astonishing writer who teaches his reader about the world through tragedy and humor."

“In satire, irony is militant,” wrote literary critic Northrop Frye, referring to the moral integrity and devil-may-care boldness shared by all exceptional authors of satire books. In this novel, which thrives equally on Melikian’s scholarly constructs and a thrilling concordance with the pulse of the global street, the author succeeds in taking the heritage of satire books to an entirely new level of universal resonance.

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