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Trends in Christianity and the revolutionary message of Journey to Virginland. Armen Melikian's novel initiates a new trend in Christianity

While the Christian faith continues slowly to evolve, most trends in Christianity, particularly in America, remain distinguished by their particular interpretations of the Bible, without ever challenging its core dogma and tenets. Armen Melikian is one of those rare thinkers who goes against the grain by taking to task the historical, political, mythological, psychological, and even linguistic foundations of Christianity in particular, and the Judeo-Christian tradition in general.

A highly respected scholar of the subject, Melikian mounts an at-once marvelously documented and intellectually audacious, imaginative critique in Journey to Virginland, his first novel, which was published in 2012.

The novel has earned praise from leading U.S. publishing-industry sources. "Dog vs. God. In an iconoclastic story, Dog demolishes the foundations of Western civilization," writes Publishers Weekly. ForeWord Reviews says: "An engrossing, brilliantly crafted read. Melikian's prodigious writing talent and ability to show the world's history in a different, sometimes humorous, sometimes tragic air, creates an entertaining ride into warring religions, warring cultures, warring sexes, and the histories and raison d'etre behind each." And Midwest Book Review writes: “With plenty to ponder and plenty to entertain, Journey to Virginland is a fun and enlightening read and is quite the recommendation.”

The first Epistle of a trilogy, this novel takes the reader on a dazzling odyssey dipped in meta-history and ideas, shedding fresh light on the underpinnings, internal mechanics, and often unspoken motives of Christianity on the one hand, and the proliferation of trends in Christianity on the other. A fierce pragmatist and an unflinching believer in the promise of constructive human transformation alike, Melikian makes a bold, impassioned case for inner liberation, registering an exuberant antithesis to the self-perpetuating complacency of most of today’s trends in Christianity.

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